I’m gonna sue you like your mother didn’t know! [LOL]



3 thoughts on “I’m gonna sue you like your mother didn’t know! [LOL]

    • Dear AppalachianLady, I want to personally thank you for posting this blog, and all of the stories that you have heard, and recorded. While I see some things in the Hollywood version of this History that allude to truth, I just knew that there had to be some things that were fabricated, or embellished. I watched this miniseries in hopes of something to point towards the genealogy of the Hatfield and McCoy families, and that part disappointed me a bit. I have researched my own famliy tree, and my husband’s, going on close to 50 years to date, and the more I research, the better I understand where all our family traits come from. My family has very few people in it that were famous, but they contributed to who I am, and why I am the way I am today–my health, my intellect, and my core beliefs in general. There are more things of value than birth and death dates, when studying genealogy, and I enjoyed your attempt to disprove the untruths, and tell the truths. I love your simple way of explaining your people, their afflictions, and their spirit. Thanks for sharing all you have, and for making the Hatfields and McCoys more real than any movie could possibly do! I am not related to your people, but I have many families in my tree that were very similar in the way that they lived, and experienced life. I found myself facinated by your musings.

      Warmest Regards, Mary (Mitchell) Hicks

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