What Really Happened In The West Virginia Primary Election [Insane Politics]

Well, I guess I need to address the Keith Judd issue, since I live in West Virginia.

First, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I am a lifelong registered Democrat, which is really not unusual in this state.  I voted for Barack Obama in the last presidential election, but I also have questioned some of his decisions.  Nevertheless, since I have far less confidence in those who would run against him, I will vote for him again.  For the purposes of this discussion, I guess I should also state that, being a redhead of Scots-Irish descent, I am one of the whitest-looking people you are ever going to meet.  That said….

When I was voting in the primary, expecting no one to be running against Barack Obama for President, I noticed that there was an opposing name on the presidential ballot which I had never heard before in my entire life: Keith Judd.

Of course I did not vote for someone I had never heard of before in my entire life.  He could be anything.  He could be a criminal, or an insane person, or a convicted felon, or even a prisoner.  As it turns out, he is all those things.

Unfortunately, lots of people in West Virginia did vote for someone they had never heard of before in their entire life. In fact, 4 out of 10 cast their vote for federal inmate Keith Judd. They all said they did it because it was a vote against Obama, though of course they also had the option of not voting for that office.

I make no excuses for those people, because frankly, there is no excuse.  What kind of idiot votes for someone they have never even heard of, for what is arguably the most powerful position in the world?  I guess now we know the answer to that question.

I do know some of those people, and a few were rightfully concerned when I pointed out the truth about Keith Judd.  Most, however, thought it was funny that a prisoner got almost as many votes as the President of the United States.

Those people are brain dead.  Sorry, but I just cannot be nice about that, because their actions made a mockery of our election system.  A federal prisoner and known crazy person is now entitled to a delegate at the Democratic National Convention, thanks to those brain dead morons who voted for him despite having no idea who he was, or anything else about him.

Look, people can vote for whomever they want, and it is none of my business who they vote for …. that is to say, it is none of my business until they make me look like an idiot in front of the entire world, just because I live in this state.  Then, it becomes my business.

So let me explain what is really going on in West Virginia.

The people who voted for Keith Judd are not voting against the policies of Barack Obama like they claimed.  They do not even understand most of the policies and issues, if I am being completely honest, and I know this because I spend entirely too much time explaining those issues and policies to ever believe otherwise.

The real truth is, they are racists, and that is the real reason they voted for a man they have never even heard of before in their entire life, and the real reason Obama lost West Virginia in the last presidential election.

There, I said it.

The problem is not only racism, though.  The real problem is that the vast majority of people in this state do not even realize that they are racists.  They think that because they cheer on black athletes, it means they cannot be racists.  They think that because they were fans of Michael Jackson when they were kids, it means they cannot be racists.  They think that because they know someone who is black and they are not cruel to them, it means they cannot be racists.

See, the racism here is usually hidden beneath the surface.  You see it when people talk about the drug problem, and blame African-Americans for it though the vast majority of the drug problem in West Virginia involves whites.  You see it in the way they look at mothers with mixed-race children, and assume they are on welfare.  You see it in the way they laugh at ethnic-sounding names, including that of the President of the United States.  You see it in the way they claim Obama got to where he is today due to affirmative action.  You see it in the way they claim that a member of Congress who happens to be African-American – but who also happens to be a Harvard-educated attorney and longtime Professor of Constitutional Law – is not qualified to be President of the United States.

You see it most clearly, however, when they give their vote for President of the United States to an insane federal prisoner with a white-sounding name, who they have never even heard of before in their entire life, when his opponent just happens to be African-American and has one of those ethnic-sounding names.

I am just not sure how to correct that problem, unfortunately.


10 thoughts on “What Really Happened In The West Virginia Primary Election [Insane Politics]

  1. Racism will always be here. The fact that Obama is half-african probably makes those people more racist. Not half-black, half-African. There is a difference. Unlike the majority of black Americans, he has no slave blood. And I ain’t gonna vote for no Mormon whose church didn’t allow my people equal membership status until 1978, and baptizes dead people like Hitler and Stalin. Ethnic names, I know all about it. Me, as well as many of my other relatives on my mom’s side have such names. It actually scared me when 9/11 happened, because I was going to school in San Fran, and I had to fly to L.A. for Thanksgiving and Winter break. However, I had no problems at the airport, probably because I have slave blood and have the last name to go with it. I think we are all racists to some extent. What separates us is the extremity we take it to. My best friend is white. My grandmother, too. Granted, my mother was me and my half-brother and sister in mostly white neighborhoods, but since we were raised in L.A., we didn’t encounter much racism from whites. Black people, that’s another story. I was often teased by my “own” people because talk, act, or dress “black enough”. Go figure, huh?

  2. I came to your blog to read your comments about the Hatfields and McCoys miniseries, and I’m grateful for those. Later I happened to scroll down to this post, and I have to say that you’re way off base here. Sure there’s racial bigotry in West Virginia. Maybe more than elsewhere by some measures. But to dismiss Keith Judd’s showing against President Obama as nothing but racism is perfunctory at best. West Virginians are typically proud of their indvidualism and have a deeply rooted devotion to personal liberty. For many of us, President Obama’s collectivist leanings don’t sit well with that. Many of us have valid differences with President Obama’s policies, differences that we’ve given a lot of thought to. What kind of idiot would vote for an unknown candidate? The kind who doesn’t have a “none of the above” option on his ballot, that’s who. In our “semi-closed” primary system, the two thirds of West Virginians who are registered as Democrats are limited to what the Democratic Party has to offer. To cast no vote is to acquiesce. Preferring the unknown to a known quantity that you find disagreeable is a rational response. Your casual dismissal of those who don’t share your opinions as “brain-dead racists” is unbecoming.

    • If you feel you have no option, then walk away!!! You don’t cast a vote for a convicted felon. You truly are brain-dead!!!!!

      • Where did I say that I cast a vote for a convicted felon? I never said that, because I didn’t vote for a convicted felon. I was talking about other people in my state voting for a convicted felon.

        Literacy is your friend, and perhaps you should make its acquaintance before you call others “brain dead”, LOL.

  3. I have split feelings about this particular post. Like “Not Brain Dead”, above, I started out reading about the Hatfield and McCoy clan, and then stumbled on this one. I’m not from West Virginia, nor am I a Democrat (I’m Libertarian). I have no doubt that racism played a small role in some of the voting, but it’s not the primary role.
    Fact is, even up here in NYC, people are likely to register a vote against Obama in primaries, even if they vote for him in the national election. People are, frankly, fed up with Obama. Not necessarily because of ‘collectivist leanings’, though there is an aspect of this.

    It’s primarily because he’s not what he said he was. Obama is a unique and rare individual. He is a pure politician – an empty vessel which he allows others to fill with their view of who he could or might be. As a result, to those who despise him, he’s a socialist. To those who love him, he’s a fair and even handed, transparent and just man. For most of us, who see him as he truly is, he’s a cynical and particularly nasty politician. Probably the worst of his kind, in this respect.

    He comes across one way – but he is something far different from the persona the national media has painted, and people are realizing this.

    It’s true he dabbled in collectivist politics as a ‘community organizer’ (I still can’t believe that’s the best accomplishment of his prior to being elected to office…says alot about people with mush for brains) and a student. But he’s beholden to Wall Street in a manner not even Romney (who I despise) is. In fact, if you don’t like Wall Street, Romney is the choice – though it, too, is a nasty choice. Obama’s ties to Goldman Sachs, no doubt, played a huge role in protest votes by Democrats. Obama’s failed attempts at venture capital with taxpayer money (the GM bailout is a miserable failure – remember, we are still paying their debts we purchased, and the stock we got in exchange for purchasing those debts are worth far less than they were purchased for – making this a horrid deal for the taxpayer even if GM survived. Consider Ford, which is doing better WITHOUT taxpayer support). Solyndra, along with several other ‘alternative energy’ companies, have failed with the massive loss of taxpayer cash – all companies in which ‘bundlers’ for the Obama campaign have walked away with cash in their pockets. Taxpayer cash.

    So, believe what you will about racism. Fact is, Obama is a horrendous president. Quite possibly the worst in history. Yes, worse than Bush. That’s saying quite a bit, too. His promises of saving the economy have made things far worse than he (or most people) realize. Few economists (save crazy ones like Krugman) really believe there’s a way to ‘fix’ what’s going on….we have to let things play out, and we have to take our medicine.

    In truth, from what I’m hearing up here in the NYC area, Obama is NOT liked, but he’s perceived as a ‘morally superior’ choice to Romney. Frankly, since I like neither candidate, a federal inmate is a reasonable option – at least we are sure the candidate is what these men should be described as – criminal.

    • Thanks for sharing your viewpoint in a calm, logical, and thoughtful manner.

      This will probably surprise you, but I have strong civil libertarian leanings myself. Most people around here do. We don’t bother anybody, and we don’t want to be bothered. We believe people must take personal responsibility at all times. And, we don’t trust the government. That comes from many years of corruption in the courts and law enforcement – here, it’s all about who you know. We also think that if what you’re doing doesn’t harm or bother anybody else, it shouldn’t be illegal. It goes without saying that we are strong proponents of the Second Amendment.

      So while I’m not a libertarian, I do appreciate and respect libertarian philosophy.

  4. what you said about the WV primary was VERY well said and I totally agree and I also don’t know what can be done about it sadly. *sigh* I am from Burgettstown PA originally near the WV panhandle I live in OH now and have always been and will always will be a registered democrat and I don’t have a racist bone in my body Obama is my president 100 % I believe that his first term has not gone the way he wanted it to because he has a congress that refuses to work with him. one Man cannot do it all they have to have a congress willing to work with them and this congress hates him.

    • I enjoyed your peice on the Fued, but I think your view on Obama is ridiculous. I am not from West Virginia, but further into the deep south, and no one is more ridiculed and blamed as we are about race. Had Herman cain not imploded, I would have been an avid supporter, as well as Allen west, or Condeleeza Rice. That is the way the huge majority of people here feel. On the other hand, I was no fan of Clinton, Kerry, or Gore. It is their policies that disgust me, not color. Obama has a huge group against him in West Virginia for a number of reasons, none the least being his anti-coal stance. I have never voted for a democrat on a national level, but if they became more conservative tomorrow I would change sides. I get so sick of hearing the word racism when everyone knows the racism is reversed for the most part. Jesse Jackson, Al sharpston, and the NAACP keep this pot stirred for one reason, they make megabucks out of it. Until we simply let racism die as an issue it will continue.

      • Funny how k dub speaks of racism yet his own comments against Mormons is bigoted and prejudiced!

        A few other notes… Obama is not half anything! His ancestry is mostly white, then Arab, and lastly, Black, or African.

        And, voting for mullet-man without knowing him is no different than the scores of others, Black, White or other, who voted for Obama without knowing much about him. I mean, a freshman senator, no experience, it goes both ways! Who among the over 300 million people in America voted for Obama solely because he’s Black? Lots did! Voting for someone because of their look or ethnicity is as moronical as not voting for someone because of their religion!

        Vote for who you want, but don’t complain when they aren’t the Saviour you thought they’d be!

        Bottom line is, American politics these days just plain sucks! There is no great leader on the horizon waiting to take us to the promised land and restore our country and economy. We should fire the whole lot of them and start over from scratch. Politics in America was never designed or set up to be a career, you served, then went home, probably to the family farm to work a real job for a living!

        But hey, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong!

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