Thanks for questions

After answering over 300 questions about the Hatfields and McCoys, and having hundreds more remaining, I find that it is taking me far, far more time to answer questions than I ever expected, since most of the answers require a full explanation.  Honestly, I expected a handful of questions at most.  Then this evening, I realized it is playing on yet another network, and thought, Yikes!

I am sure you understand when I say that I do not have the ability to answer questions full time, since few people could do that.  Responsibilities await which require my full attention, and for that reason, I regret to report that I have no choice but to close discussion on those posts.  Not to worry, I am not ignoring any questions already submitted, and will attempt to answer the remaining questions as I have more time.  However, for the sake of my own sanity, LOL, I will not be accepting more.

I do, however, truly appreciate the unbelievable level of interest in the history, and hope that you will find the answer to your question in the many questions I have already answered.  Chances are, you will.  🙂