Propagation of Flowering Bushes Using Softwood Cuttings

Crape Myrtle

Gardening is one of my hobbies, and I have a few magnificent flowering bushes in my front yard which I love so much that I would like to also see them in my backyard.  However, I am nothing if not cheap, LOL, so I plan to propagate them this year using cuttings.

Basically, propagating is making an entirely new plant out of an existing plant, by taking a cutting from the plant and coaxing it to grow its own root system.  This process takes about a month or so, depending upon the plant, but it is extremely easy to do.

Propagation really needs to be done at this time of year so the new plants have a long growing season prior to dormancy, so start looking around at your flowering bushes to see which ones you might want to propagate, either for yourself or to share with a friend or loved one, and we can do it together.

You will need the following items, which you probably already have at home if you do any gardening:  (1) a planting container for each cutting, which must have drainage holes at the bottom; (2) equal parts peat moss and perlite; (3) Saran wrap; (4) sharp pruners (but really sharp scissors will also do); (5) a spray mister; and (6) a location which gets plenty of light without being in the direct sun.

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