Thanks for your questions about the Hatfields

Thanks for your interest in my posts about the Hatfield family, and our oral history of the circumstances surrounding the feud.  I am really very honored that you are taking such an interest in my family history, and since you took the time out of your day to ask questions, I believe that each of you deserve the respect of a real response, and not just a few words thrown onto the page.  Unfortunately, due to the number of comments and the fact that the circumstances surrounding the feud are so complex, it is taking a lot more time than I ever expected.  

However, I promise that I will indeed respond to each and every question to the best of my ability.  Just remember, I am answering from the perspective of what I was told by the Hatfields many years ago, so in some cases my friends the McCoys may disagree.  Of course, I welcome their responses as well.  🙂