Hatfield-McCoy Trail Celebrates Anniversary in Mingo County

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail will be celebrating its anniversary this weekend.  It’s actually a really cool place to go, especially for those who enjoy four-wheeling.

Here are some details from WCHS-TV, in case anyone’s interested and close enough to attend:

Gilbert , Mingo County , West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail is marking its birthday with a national trail event and a parade.

About 500 four wheelers will be parading down the streets of Gilbert Friday.

Meanwhile, 1,000 all-terrain vehicles will be prowling the streets and trails around town this weekend.

It’s called Trailfest and is expected to bring riders from all 50 states and 4,000 people to the small Mingo County community.

Events include demonstration rides, mud pit, drag racing, and equipment display by vendors and manufacturers, housing and feeding the riders is a major boost for the local tourist economy.