Surviving the Storms of Life: Caring For A Dying Friend

In my last post about the “Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning” reality show, I mentioned that I was absent from the blog for a while due to the death of a close friend.  After receiving a very kind comment from a lady by the name of Susan, I thought it may be helpful to someone out there if I explain what happened.

My husband is originally from the mountains of Virginia (then later the mountains of North Carolina, near the Virginia border) and he had a dear friend there who I’ll call K, who was originally from West Virginia.  K eventually ended up back here, along with my husband; my husband and I met shortly thereafter.  K worked for my husband for many years, in his construction business.  They spent lots of time together outside of work as well, and they and their wives at that time (both ladies are now sadly deceased) even took vacations together.  They were best friends for over 30 years, so K was family to us.

Last year, K became very sick with lung cancer, though he was only about 50 years old.  This was his second round with the disease, and this time, they removed his entire lung.  If you’ve never seen the scar from lung-removal surgery, it’s really horrendous.  It actually looks like a giant shark took a bite out of the person, from their neck to the bottom of their ribs, and curving down around to their side.  In fact, we referred to K’s surgery scar as his “shark bite”.

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