What Really Happened In The West Virginia Primary Election [Insane Politics]

Well, I guess I need to address the Keith Judd issue, since I live in West Virginia.

First, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I am a lifelong registered Democrat, which is really not unusual in this state.  I voted for Barack Obama in the last presidential election, but I also have questioned some of his decisions.  Nevertheless, since I have far less confidence in those who would run against him, I will vote for him again.  For the purposes of this discussion, I guess I should also state that, being a redhead of Scots-Irish descent, I am one of the whitest-looking people you are ever going to meet.  That said….

When I was voting in the primary, expecting no one to be running against Barack Obama for President, I noticed that there was an opposing name on the presidential ballot which I had never heard before in my entire life: Keith Judd.

Of course I did not vote for someone I had never heard of before in my entire life.  He could be anything.  He could be a criminal, or an insane person, or a convicted felon, or even a prisoner.  As it turns out, he is all those things.

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